Get On That Yoga Grind.  

Need an excuse to get back into your yoga routine? Or the motivation to start doing yoga on the reg? Or some new, challenging poses to spice up your practice? Three words: Instagram. Yoga. Challenges. 

IG yoga challenges are my latest obsession, and while my boyfriend groans at the thought of me having an excuse to spend even more time on Insta than I already do, I credit these babies with a renewed love for my yoga practice. I’ve tried (and nailed!) so many poses that I would’ve never tried on my own. You know, those intimidating poses that the instructor in your yoga class offers with little to no guidance: “and if [insert crazy pose here] is in your practice, you can take that for a few breaths now.” Like I’m going to try side crow/bird of paradise/headstand/eight angle/flying pigeon for the first time, right here right now, when everyone can watch me face plant into my lulu lemon mat…no thank you.

However, IG yoga challenges (I’m on my fourth one now) allow you to push your boundaries and try these fun new postures in the privacy of your own home, saving the face plants for your boyfriend/roommate/cat. They’ll still love you. Promise. 

This month’s #BalanceBums challenge. Hosts will usually post modified versions of tougher poses, too.

How it works: follow some of the yoga greats on Insta (a few of my personal faves are @jennifermartinyoga @robinmartinyoga @rebekahletch @yogagrams @beachyogagirl @kellymarie_yoga). Keep your eyes peeled for challenges- different yogis will host them and announce daily poses, along with tips and tutorials for each. Follow along and practice the poses each day, posting your attempt on IG with the challenge hashtag, tagging all hosts and any sponsors (automatically entering yourself for amazing yogi prizes, too- who doesn’t love prizes?). You’ll be inspired by all of the other participants’ posts with the hashtags, and you’ll impress yourself with your progress!

Taking one pose at a time and making it a daily focus is huge. Don’t get me wrong- you’ll definitely fall on your face and make a fool of yourself as well (stay tuned for a post of my yoga bloopers), but it’s worth it for that moment in class when your instructor says, “and if [insert crazy pose here] is in your practice, you can take that for a few breaths now,” and you nail it, sans public face plant. 

My eight angle pose for #BalanceBums day 5. I had never been able to get this one before this challenge!

3 thoughts on “Get On That Yoga Grind.  

  1. Robin says:

    Okay so I LOVE your yoga insta pics… buuuuut I’m really super inflexible and pretty bad at yoga. Is there anything like this for a beginner yogi or anything you recommend for a beginner that could help get to point where I’d be able to do some of these crazy poses??

  2. Briick by Briick says:

    Ya know, I really love yoga but I just HATE when the instructor acts like I am some imbecile that doesn’t belong there because I can’t balance on one foot….too many bad yoga class experiences…even my 70 something mother can manage to do poses I can’t imagine. She says its all about practice. After reading your post it makes me think, huh why not break out the Wii and do it at home….then I COULD get those poses down and only the dog would know…and me of course….thanks for the inspiration to try it again!!

    • Always Running Latte says:

      So glad I can help inspire. 🙂 Practicing at home really does help with confidence! Plus, for the Instagram challenges I usually video myself and then screenshot the pose to post. Watching video of yourself coming into it is awkward but oh-so-helpful. You can really see “oh no wonder I’m falling, I’m angling backwards”… New perspective!

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