5 Exercises You Should Add to Your Running Routine

Newsflash! My super-knowledgeable and talented brother, Daniel, happens to be a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a background in exercise science and experience in strength training & rehab. Daniel’s been my go-to fitness guru whenever I’ve experienced mild running injuries, had questions about strength exercises, or been utterly confused by a gym machine that must be a torture device. Fortunately for you & me, Daniel has agreed to write content for Always Running Latte, keeping us in the know about these topics and more! Read his first post below, and don’t forget to check him out at Breakout Strength!


Thank you to Jackie for allowing me to write an article for Always Running Latte. I hope to do these more in the future.


Marathon and other long distance runners compete in races for one main reason: they love to run. When an athlete circles the date on the calendar for their next race, the planning begins. There are lots of running programs and apps available to help an athlete plan their training to peak perfectly for the next race. There is absolutely no denying that the best method of training for a race is, in fact, running. But what if there was another training modality that could be added to a runner’s program to help develop them into a better runner?

Strength training is a huge part of training for most Olympic sports. Any adult, whether a competitive athlete or not, can see huge health benefits from strength training. Strength training will certainly add an extra dimension to a runner’s training that may help better prepare them for their sport. I have compiled a list of 5 excellent strength training exercises for runners that can be done with little or no gym equipment. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order and this list is far from being exhaustive. Continue reading