What To Do With All Those Race Bibs?

We train. We race. We save our bibs. We’re too emotionally attached to toss these memories of races past, but what good are they doing stuffed in a drawer or filed away in some folder? Need a cute, clever way to display your bibs without being too obnoxious (AKA using them as wallpaper)? Read on, my friends.

I created a photo book on Shutterfly to not only display my bibs, but also to serve as a yearbook of sorts, documenting each of my years in racing. See my finished product below!


To make your own race book, first create a Shutterfly account & set up the basics of your photo book. The 8 x 11 size is perfect for race bibs! I chose the hardcover version, matte finish for mine.

Use the first page for either a table of contents or a cheesey intro. I chose the latter, writing up a sappy summary of the year in my running journey and the progress I’d made. Kinda embarrassing, but I’ll love it when I’m 90 years old, telling my grand kids about the good ol’ days…

For the rest of the spreads, include a handful of photos from your race on the left page, plus the name of the race, the date, and your finish time, if that’s something you keep track of (you can log in to race sites and look up your results for old races if you’ve forgotten/never cared about the times until now).

Leave the right page of each spread blank; this is where the bib goes when your book is complete & printed! I recommend attaching them using photo-safe adhesive squares, the same product you’d use in a scrapbook. They keep your book & bib from getting discolored or wrinkly and laying nice & flat.

Although I did all the work on my first race book at the end of the year, now that I’m hooked on this system, I’m making sure to enter all of my race info and photos sporadically throughout the year- a little less daunting, if you ask me! The hardest part is waiting until the end of the year to print & show off the book, but trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Those of you who know me personally know that I show my race book off to nearly every person I meet. It is my absolute favorite little memento, and it makes the perfect coffee table book! I hope you love this idea as much as I do and enjoy having your own book to share with family and friends. 🙂

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